HIV Support Services and Case Managemen

Holyoke Health Center has a comprehensive program to support patients living with HIV, including primary medical care, infectious disease specialists with experience in HIV, and case management support to meet the non-medical needs of our patients.  Our pharmacy provides consultation with a pharmacist experienced in HIV medications and assistance with enrolling in the HIV Drug Assistance Program.  Also available for patients with HIV are nutrition and eye care services.  We are always available to accept new patients who are living with HIV, and those who have only recently been diagnosed.

Our counseling and testing services consist of trained staff performing rapid HIV and Hepatitis C testing, and testing for syphilis, Chlamydia and Gonorrhea.  Harm reduction counseling is provided to educate individuals on how to stay safe and infection free.  These services are accessible to anyone from the community on a walk-in basis, including individuals who may receive their medical care elsewhere.

Additionally, staff is active in disease prevention activities in the community to reduce the spread of these infectious diseases.