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Our mission at the Holyoke Health Center is to "Improve the health of our patients through affordable, quality health care and comprehensive community-based programs to create a healthy community."

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Regular hours of operation will resume on Tuesday October 13th.

Flu Clinics for established patients 18 years and older will begin Monday, September 28th! Flu Clinics will be held at Holyoke Health Center in the patient parking lot via Drive-Thru or Walk-Up. Drive-Thru and Walk-Up Flu Clinics will be Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays from 1:45pm - 3:45pm. Flu Clinic vaccines are available by appointment ONLY. To schedule an appointment to receive your flu vaccine, call (413) 420 - 2200.

Chicopee Health Center patients, please call (413) 420 - 2222 to schedule an appointment for a flu vaccine at our Chicopee location.


Extended Hours are BACK! Starting September 9th, medical appointments for sick visits will be available until 7:30PM every Monday and Wednesday. Appointments are available for established Adult and Pediatric patients who need a sick visit, and patients will be seen on the 2nd Floor in the ILI Clinic. To schedule an appointment during our extended hours, please call (413) 420 - 2200.

After hours appointments are not available at our Chicopee Health Center (CHC)location - CHC patients can schedule an after hours appointment in our Holyoke location. 


Regular hours of operation will resume on Tuesday September 8th.

The Holyoke Health Center celebrates the graduation of our three residents who completed the Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) Residency Program. The inaugural class of FNP Residents completed a 12-month residency program, including mentored clinics, precepted clinics, specialty rotations and education sessions. Each resident will continue to work at the Holyoke Health Center for an additional year as a provider in our primary care clinics. Congratulations Graduates! We look forward to continuing to work with you throughout the next year!

Learn more about our Family Nurse Practitioner Residency Program.

Radix Health, provider of patient access technologies, announces a partnership with Holyoke Health Center, a federally qualified community health center serving communities throughout the Pioneer Valley in Massachusetts. Holyoke Health Center will be using Radix Health’s DASHconnect to automate appointment scheduling and patient notifications.

Holyoke will be using DASHconnect as a digital front door to improve their patients’ ability to reschedule appointments and enable patients to be notified when new appointment times become available from their mobile devices. Holyoke has leveraged telephone campaigns for population health outreach in the past, and they’ll be expanding those to include dental, pharmacy, eye care, and medical populations with DASHconnect. In addition, the Holyoke team will use DASHconnect’s automated notifications and rescheduling features to notify patients and allow them to easily adjust their appointments in lieu of provider call outs, delayed openings, or occasional closings. This will free up Holyoke’s critical staff resources, so they can be redirected to other patient care areas.

Alejandro Esparza-Perez, MD (Chief Medical Officer, Holyoke Health Center) shares, “We are excited to implement DASHconnect because it will provide our patients the technology and opportunity to be more in control of their scheduled appointments by providing them the ability to accept and reschedule appointments for more convenient dates and times. DASHConnect aligns with another initiative of ours, role optimization.” 

“We are thrilled to be able to reclaim staff time spent on the phone doing appointment reminders and scheduling while repurposing that time so staff may work at the top of their license for more direct patient care needs which will improve patient and staff satisfaction,” Esparza-Perez adds.

“Holyoke Health Center is a mission-driven organization providing essential health services for thousands of people each year,” explains Arun Mohan, MD (Co-Founder and CEO of Radix Health). “We’re excited to help them automate appointment scheduling, population health outreach, and patient notifications through DASHconnect, so they can redirect staff resources and better serve their mission.” 

Learn more about RadixHealth and the patient engagement solutions.

View the complete press release from RadixHealth.

July 21, 2020 marks the 50th anniversary for the Holyoke Health Center (HHC). HHC was established during the war on poverty, and has dedicated their medical, dental and pharmacy services to improve the health of the community members living in downtown Holyoke and surrounding areas for the past 50 years.

Opening as a component of the federally supported Model Cities Program, HHC outgrew its small building in the ‘Flats’ neighborhood of Holyoke, and developed a highly successful facility across from City Hall; this project being the single largest downtown development to occur in Holyoke. The current HHC facility is over 100,000 sq. ft., large enough to meet the needs of over 20,000 patients. The complex of 4 integrated buildings includes a large innovative community pharmacy staffed by 14 pharmacists, the area’s largest dental services program which includes adult, pediatric and orthodontic services, the Center for Recovery & Support that treats hundreds of patients with substance use disorders, a growing Eye Care program, and its flagship comprehensive medical program serving children, adolescents, adults and elderly patients. To meet the needs of patients in surrounding communities, HHC built additional locations in Chicopee to provide medical, dental and pharmacy services, and Westfield to provide additional dental services.

HHC’s success has been in building teams of dedicated professionals within a staff of over 300 employees, many of whom grew up and still reside in the Holyoke community and have a unique awareness and connectivity to the issues faced by the community members and patients. Understanding the social determinants that led to many of the patients’ health problems has led to the development of numerous community programs created over the years at HHC that have contributed to better care and improved health outcomes.

Throughout the past 50 years, HHC has responded to health issues connected to low-income status, including the HIV/AIDS epidemic. HHC took the lead in responding to the epidemic in the community by conducting research, education, screening, and ultimately developing a highly successful medical team to treat the illness. During the 1980s, HIV/AIDS treatment was not widely available and HHC was one of the only health care providers in the area delivering HIV/AIDS care and providing treatment. Now, with the COVID-19 global pandemic, HHC is again taking the local lead in education, prevention and treatment, supporting contact tracing, providing drive through testing, and quickly establishing clinical approaches to contain and treat the virus, while it is spreading and rearranging the way our community lives and works.

HHC has been at the forefront of creating a teaching facility to train the health care providers of tomorrow. Residency programs in Adult Dentistry, Pediatric Dentistry, Pharmacy and a new Family Nurse Practitioner program are currently bringing 16 professionals from across the country to HHC each year. Many residents participating in our programs go on to join the permanent staff of HHC, ensuring that the services and programs developed over the past 50 years will continue to thrive and evolve.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) announced April 2, 2020 the COVID-19 Telehealth Program, a program that provides $200 million in funding, appropriated by Congress under the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act, to help health care providers provide telehealth services to patients at their homes or mobile locations in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The program provides immediate support to eligible health care providers by fully funding their telecommunications services, information services, and devices necessary to provide critical connected care services until the program's funds have been expended or the COVID-19 pandemic has ended.

The Holyoke Health Center received $668,335 in funding from the FCC to fund remote health services such as telehealth visits, video conferencing, as well as devices and equipment to utilize these new services.

Holyoke Health Center's Information Technology Directory, Andrew Buscemi, was recently interviewed and featured in an article on Healthcare It News on our expansion of virtual health care services during the COVID-19 pandemic.

"The FCC funding allows us to greatly expand and upgrade our existing infrastructure to support various remote health initiatives,” Buscemi explained. “We’ve already tripled our existing bandwidth through our local ISP, and we’ve already deployed a new Barracuda firewall system to allow for an almost unlimited number of remote VPN connections.”

Check out the full article here.

The Holyoke Health Center and all locations are CLOSED on Friday, July 3rd for the holiday.

Regular hours of operation will resume on Monday, July 6th.