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Our mission at the Holyoke Health Center is to "Improve the health of our patients through affordable, quality health care and comprehensive community-based programs to create a healthy community."

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Holyoke, MA – May 11, 2018 – The Holyoke Health Center recently installed a medication drop box in both our Holyoke and Chicopee pharmacies. On Friday, May 11th the Holyoke Health Center held a press conference in the pharmacy of our Holyoke location on 230 Maple St. to unveil the medication drop box to the public. We were joined by Hampden County District Attorney; Anthony Gulluni and Northwestern District Attorney; David Sullivan, and Mayor of Holyoke; Alex Morse, who spoke on behalf of the one of the area’s first and only community based medication drop box. The Holyoke Health Center has partnered with Inmar for their Consumer Drug Take Back Program, to provide the community with a discreet, no questions-asked, safe and responsible way to dispose of drugs.

Our medication drop box can be utilized by patients and non-patients to dispose of unwanted and unused prescription medications. Accepted medications include unused expired prescription medications (including Schedule II-VI controlled substances), unused or expired over-the-counter medications and pet medications. To use the medication drop box, simply drop the medication into the green receptacle labeled “Consumer Drug Take-Back”. Items that are not accepted include; inhalers, aerosol cans, syringes and illegal drugs. Since 2007, the Holyoke Health Center has been a MDPH Sharps Container Disposal Site, and we have two Chrysalis Environmental Solutions steel kiosks on site in our pharmacy for safe disposal of used needles.

According to the U.S Government Accountability Office (GAO), “In 2015, 3.8 million Americans reported misusing prescriptions in the prior month, and deaths from prescription opioids have quadrupled since 1999. Most people get these drugs from friends or relatives, so providing secure and convenient ways for people to dispose of their unused drugs could help.” The goal of our partnership with Inmar for their Consumer Drug Take-Back Program is reduce the risk of death and misuse of medications by providing our patients and community members with an accessible way to dispose of medication safely and discreetly and at their own convenience throughout the year.  Holyoke Health Center is among the 1% of pharmacies and other entities in Massachusetts, who are eligible to collect unused prescriptions drugs for disposal and volunteer to do so, as stated in a recent report by the GAO. 

Holyoke Health Center’s on-site, state of the art, community pharmacy fills approximately 5,500 prescriptions per week, and is an integral part of all services offered at the health center. Our pharmacy programs are aimed towards providing our patients and community with quality and comprehensive medication services to improve health and well-being. CEO, Jay Breines says “Providing our patients with a medication drop box that is free and safe to use is essential to improving the substance use disorder epidemic in our community and throughout the country, and is a step in the right direction to reduce the amount of opioids that are easily available.”


Pictured: Mayor of Holyoke - Alex More, Hampden County District Attorney - Anthony Gulluni, Holyoke Health Center CEO - Jay Breines, Hampden County DA's Communications Director- Jim Leydon, Hampshire/Franklin County District Attorney - David Sullivan


The mission of the Holyoke Health Center is to improve the health of our patients by providing quality health care and supporting comprehensive community based programs to create a healthy community. Visit www.hhcinc.org to learn more.

To learn more about Inmar’s Consumer Drug Take Back Program, visit www.inmar.com/inmar-solution/consumer-drug-take-back-program

To access the GAO report, Preventing Drug Abuse: Low Participation by Pharmacies and Other Entities as Voluntary Collectors of Unused Prescription Drugs, visit www.gao.gov/products/GAO-18-25

Northampton, MA - On Saturday, May 5th, staff members of the Holyoke Health Center participated in Noho Pride's Annual Parade and Pride Day event. This event celebrates the spirit and strength in the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBTQ) communities in Western Massachusetts. The Pride Parade and Pride Day celebration is produced by the Noho Pride, a 501(c)3 non-profit entity. This year, our Holyoke Health staff joined together with family and friends to march in the parade in support of the LGBTQ community.

Holyoke Health Center offers care, support and love to everyone in our community.


For more information about Noho Pride, visit www.nohopride.org

For news coverage of the 2018 Noho Pride Parade, click here.



About SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands


SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands brings people together in support of hand hygiene improvement globally and to progress the goal of maintaining a global profile on hand hygiene in health care.

The campaign aims to galvanise action at the point of care to demonstrate that hand hygiene is the entrance door for reducing health care-associated infection and patient safety. It also aims to demonstrate the world's commitment to this priority area of health care.

WHO's role includes encouraging engagement and action to maintain this global movement. Numbers are a great awareness-raising mechanism, as demonstrated by the growing number of health-care facilities registered for SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands but they are not the end point. Sustaining the efforts to improve patient safety requires dedicated action and innovation both of which are now more crucial than ever. WHO have appreciated receiving communications about country and health-care facility activities. Action must continue; use the WHO tools to support your actions.


For more information about the World Health Organization and Hand Hygiene Day, click here.

Holyoke Health Center will be CLOSED on April 16th, 2018 for the holiday.

Normal business hours will resume on Tuesday, April 17th.

Holyoke Health Center will be closed today March 7, 2018 at 4pm due to the snow storm. We will reopen at 1pm on Thursday, March 8, 2018.


On Friday, March 2nd 2018, Holyoke Health Center's CEO Jay Breines, along with our Project Coordinator, Glorimar Irizarry, visited WWLP's local news segment Mass Appeal to inform the community about our fund raising efforts for the victims of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. Holyoke Health Center organized a fundraiser to help Puerto Rican evacuees who have relocated to Holyoke and the Western Mass area. A Puerto Rico pride t-shirt was created in partnership with local company, E.S. Sports, to generate funds to go to providing resources to those in need. T-Shirts can be purchased via the E.S. Sports link below, and are available until March 31st. Holyoke Health Center also created a donation link so that community members can donate to these efforts directly online.


Purchase a T-Shirt

Our goal is to raise funds to support local efforts that are providing resources and support to the Puerto Rican evacuees that are coming into Holyoke. There are immediate and urgent necessities that these individuals are in need of and the Holyoke Health Center wants to help make sure that local agencies can continue to meet the demands as more Puerto Ricans begin to settle and try to make a home here in the City of Holyoke and in the surrounding western mass area.


All orders must be placed by March 31 and they will ship by April 16th.


T-Shirts can be purchased from the link: Click Here


Three months since Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico, Holyoke Health Center's Dr. Esparza, Chief Medical Officer, Jay Breines, Chief Executive Officer, and Teresa Lavelle, Chief Human Resources Officer, brought donations of household water filtration systems and other much needed supplies to Aguadilla Airport.  In this second visit to the island, HHC was met by representatives of COSSMA who have health centers in San Lorenzo, Las Piedras, and Cidra.


Jay Breines (HHC CEO), Dr. Esparza (HHC CMO) meet Dr. Hernandez(Chief Medical Officer), Javier Jimenez (Program Director), Pedro Caro (Chief Fiscal Director), Suzana Perez (Chief Executive Officer). 



Jay Breines and Teresa Lavelle organize household water filtration donations with COSSMA staff in Cidra Puerto Rico.



HHC staff and COSSMA health center staff



COSSMA's San Lorenzo make-shift exam room in the parking lot of their health center.  Their health center building has been destroyed, however they are continuing to see their patients using whatever means necessary.



Las Piedras destroyed health center building



Electric pole still resting on occupied house three months after it fell



Jay Breines and residents of temporary shelter in Humacao


We are raising funds to support Hurricane Maria Puerto Rico relief efforts.  Please visit our fundraising page to learn more and to make a donation.



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On Friday, October 6th, Holyoke Health Center's CEO, Jay Breines, and CMO, Dr. Alejandro Esparza-Perez traveled from Westfield Barnes Regional Airport on a plane to Puerto Rico on a mission to assist in Hurricane Maria relief efforts. Multiple staff members from HHC traveled to Barnes to transport medical and dental supplies and pack them into the plane leaving to Puerto Rico for volunteers to deliver to those in need on the island.

Jay and Dr. Esparza-Perez had the opportunity to board the plane and travel to Puerto Rico to help distribute the supplies, and also assess the health needs of those families and individuals trapped on the island. During the mission trip, families were given much needed supplies, and a few were able to board the plane to return back to the Western MA area.

Holyoke Health Center has taken a large role in the community in supporting the hurricane relief efforts and hopes to continue similar mission trips in the near future. Efforts continue within our facility, which is now offering services and assistance to families and individuals who've traveled from Puerto Rico and are staying in the Holyoke area. HHC is developing a process to ensure healthcare is given to those coming from Puerto Rico and also establishing long term care services if necessary.


Check out HHC's featured segment on New England Public Radio (NPR) at www.npr.org

Watch the video of the mission to Puerto Rico on News 22 at www.wwlp.com

Watch HHC's featured story on Western MA News at www.westernmassnews.com

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