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A Day in the Life – Compliance & Risk Management, Security Team

By Carrie Matusko, RN – Director of Compliance/Risk Management


After our basic needs are met (food, water, shelter, clothing, sleep) what is the next thing that we, as humans, crave?  If you said Safety and Security you would be in agreement with Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.  According to Maslow, human actions are motivated by physiological needs.  In short, this means when our basic needs are met we are more productive.  In turn, the safer we feel the more comfortable we are in performing our daily routines and activities.

The mission of the Security Team is to help ensure all patients and visitors feel safe when they are at the health center.  Their training in non-violent de-escalation techniques help provide the best and safest outcome possible in a variety of situations including when a patient, visitor or staff member may not be at their best and are either acting out or just need help with a difficult situation they are experiencing.  Whether assisting to de-escalate a tense situation or helping people to get the assistance they need, the team works non-stop on safety items.




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