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On Monday January 10th, the Baker-Polito administration announced that Massachusetts residents will have access to a digital COVID-19 Vaccination card through the state’s immunization registry. These “SMART Health Cards” come with a QR code and can be stored on your smart device to show proof of vaccination status.

“Starting today, Massachusetts residents can visit www.myvaxrecords.mass.gov, a web portal that follows national standards for security and privacy and provides residents a way to electronically view and save their COVID-19 vaccine record.

By providing a cell phone number or email address, users can obtain a digital record of their vaccinations recorded in the Massachusetts Immunization Information System. Their COVID-19 vaccination record includes a unique QR code that can be saved to the user’s phone files, camera roll or the Apple Wallet. It can also be printed out for a paper record.

The MyVaxRecords portal is just one way to obtain your COVID vaccination record. Pharmacies that administered the COVID vaccine and many health care providers also make available SMART Health Cards, providing additional options.

For more information about this new resource, visit and see the press release below. If you are a vaccine administering provider and you have questions about updating records in the MIIS, please contact Myvaxrecords@mass.gov for further assistance.”

The Massachusetts Department of Public Health

The Baker administration has stated that the use of this card is not a part of a vaccine mandate. The SMART Health Cards are a tool that Massachusetts residents can use if needed to show vaccination status if requested by business, local governments, or other entities.

For more information and instructions on how to access the SMART Health Cards, visit www.myvaxrecords.mass.gov

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