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Our mission at the Holyoke Health Center is to "Improve the health of our patients through affordable, quality health care and comprehensive community-based programs to create a healthy community."

Holyoke Health Center is proud to announce our clinical pharmacist, Marisa Piers-Gamble, PharmD, BCACP, has recently completed her certification as a Board Certified Ambulatory Care Pharmacist (BCACP) from the Board of Pharmacy Specialties.

"The BPS Board Certified Ambulatory Care Pharmacist (BCACP) Program is a credential for pharmacists who have met the eligibility criteria and provided integrated, accessible healthcare services for ambulatory patients in a wide variety of settings, including community pharmacies, clinics and physicians offices. The BCACP provides patient care, develops sustained partnerships with ambulatory patients and other healthcare providers in the context of family and community; and integrates care of both acute illnesses and chronic conditions.

The purpose of the BPS BCACP program is to validate that the pharmacist has the advanced knowledge and experience to optimize patient outcomes by:

  • Focusing on the special needs of patients who may have concurrent illnesses taking multiple medications, and who often administer these drugs themselves or with the assistance of a caregiver at home;
  • Managing patients in between provider visits through treatment assessment, monitoring compliance, refilling prescriptions and patient education and
  • Educating and engaging patients in health promotion and wellness."

Marisa is only the 5th pharmacist in the region to receive this specialty board certification. We congratulate Marisa for her hard work and dedication to Holyoke Health Center and our community!

"I am so thankful to work for an organization that continues to encourage pharmacists to practice at the top of our license and as a part of our provider team!" - Marisa Piers-Gamble, PharmD, BCACP


For more information about the Board of Pharmacy Specialties, please visit www.bpsweb.org

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