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Our Mission at the Holyoke Health Center is to "Improve the health of our patients through affordable, quality health care and comprehensive community-based programs to create a healthy community."

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Below you'll find the latest news and events.

On Friday, October 6th, Holyoke Health Center's CEO, Jay Breines, and CMO, Dr. Alejandro Esparza-Perez traveled from Westfield Barnes Regional Airport on a plane to Puerto Rico on a mission to assist in Hurricane Maria relief efforts. Multiple staff members from HHC traveled to Barnes to transport medical and dental supplies and pack them into the plane leaving to Puerto Rico for volunteers to deliver to those in need on the island.

Jay and Dr. Esparza-Perez had the opportunity to board the plane and travel to Puerto Rico to help distribute the supplies, and also assess the health needs of those families and individuals trapped on the island. During the mission trip, families were given much needed supplies, and a few were able to board the plane to return back to the Western MA area.

Holyoke Health Center has taken a large role in the community in supporting the hurricane relief efforts and hopes to continue similar mission trips in the near future. Efforts continue within our facility, which is now offering services and assistance to families and individuals who've traveled from Puerto Rico and are staying in the Holyoke area. HHC is developing a process to ensure healthcare is given to those coming from Puerto Rico and also establishing long term care services if necessary.


Check out HHC's featured segment on New England Public Radio (NPR) at www.npr.org

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On Monday, September 25th, Holyoke Health Center Pharmacy will be CLOSED until 1:00PM, due to software updates.

For more information, please call (413) 420- 2200


Flu Vaccinations will be available beginning September 18th!


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Holyoke Health Center and all locations will be CLOSED on Monday, September 4th for the holiday.

Regular hours will resume on Tuesday, September 5th.

Friday, August 18th - Holyoke Health Center celebrated National Health Center Week by hosting a community health fair in our 1st floor conference room at our 230 Maple St. location. HHC invited local agencies to join our health fair and distribute information to community members about services and programs available in the area. Participating agencies included Let's Move Holyoke 5-2-1-0, Greater Holyoke YMCA, Holyoke Safe Neighborhood Initiative, MassHealth, Action Ambulance, Planned Parenthood, Food Bank of Western MA, and many more. In addition to local agencies, Holyoke Health also offered information about our own services, and provided free vision and dental screenings to all who attended.

During the health fair, Mayor of Holyoke, Alex Morse, and State Representative, Aaron Vega, stopped by to address the importance of the health center in our community. Mayor Morse and State Rep. Vega acknowledged the commitment HHC has to the community of Holyoke by issuing proclamations declaring Health Center Week in Holyoke, from both the City of Holyoke and the State House of Representatives. HHC recognizes our local mayor and state representative as proud supporters of the health center's mission to serve members of our community.

Immediately following the issuance of the proclamations, CEO Jay Breines addressed the newly reconstructed Breastfeeding Resource Center, and celebrated the grand opening with a ribbon cutting ceremony. Mayor Morse, State Rep. Vega, and Jay Breines, along with key members of the Breastfeeding Resource Center staff, joined together to cut the symbolic grand opening ribbon.

HHC's National Health Center Week event highlighted the partnerships among local community agencies, provided information and free servies to community members, and also celebrated the grand opening of a resource center available to mothers and families in our community.

HHC looks forward to celebrating National Health Center Week 2018!


Check out our event featured on News 22 HERE

For more information about NCHW 2017, please visit www.healthcenterweek.org

National Immunization Awareness Month (NIAM) is an annual observance to highlight the importance of vaccination for poeple of all ages. Throughout the month of August, Holyoke Health Center encourages both our patients, and members of our local community to make sure they are up to date on all of their recommended vaccinations. Vaccines protect against serious diseases; and families, healthcare professionals, and public health officials must work together to help protect the entire community.

In the United States, vaccines have greatly reduced infectious diseases that once routinely killed or harmed many infants, children and adults. However, the viruses and bacteria that cause vaccine-preventable disease and death still exist and can be passed on to people who are not protected by vaccines.

Holyoke Health Center encourages everyone throughout the month of August to contact their healthcare provider and ensure that you and your family members are up to date on recommended vaccines, and raise awareness among our community for the importance of vaccination for people of all ages. 

To schedule an appointment for vaccinations, please call (413) 420 - 2200.

For more information on NIAM visit, www.nphic.org/niam

National Breastfeeding Month is celebrated throughout the month of August in the United States. The Holyoke Health Center advocates for breastfeeding programs and initiatives in our community, and supports mothers with some of the resources they need to thrive in their decision to breastfeed at our newly reconstructed Breastfeeding Resource Center.

According to Global Breastfeeding Collective, "the benefits of breastfeeding add up- from acting as a baby's first vaccine to promoting cognitive development and higher educational achievement to preventing leading causes of child mortality such as diarrhea and pneumonia, breastfeeding helps all of us."

The CDC states "one of the most highly effective preventative measures a mother can take to protect the health of her infant is to breastfeed. However, in the U.S., although most mothers hope to breastfeed, and 83% of babies start out being breastfed, only 25% are exclusively breastfed 6 months later. Additionally, rates are significantly lower for African American infants. The success rates among mothers who want to breastfeed can be greatly improved through active support from their families, friends, communities, clinicians, health care leaders, employers, and policy makers. Given the importance of breastfeeding for the health and well-being of mothers and children, it is critical that we take action across the country to support breastfeeding."

Holyoke Health Center celebrates National Breastfeeding Month by encouraging community members to utilize our breastfeeding resource center services, and encourage family and friends who've made the decision to breastfeed with support. Our Breastfeeding Resource Center is open to the public and provides breastfeeding support, individual lactation consultations, breast pump access and peer counseling. Stop by our Breastfeeding Resource Center to learn more!



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Monday: 11:00AM - 12:30PM

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For information about the Breastfeeding Resource Center or to speak with one of our breastfeeding specialists, please call (413) 420-2862 during our hours of operation.

Holyoke Health Center and all locations will be CLOSED on Monday, July 3rd and Tuesday July 4th.

Holyoke, MA - The Holyoke Health Center is partnering with New England College of Optometry to host the area's first pediatric Mobile Eye Clinic on Thursday, June 22nd from 9:00AM - 3:30PM. The Holyoke Health Center was awarded federal funding to expand eye care services as a response to the lack of accessible vision services for Holyoke residents. The grant funding has allowed Holyoke to create a partnership with NECO, who has provided HHC with an Optometrist who delivers on-site eye care services. On June 22nd the NECO Mobile Eye Clinic will be providing services specifically to our pediatric patients.

NECO's Mobile Eye Clinic can provide services to up to four children at one time. During the clinic on Thursday, we anticipate services will be provided to approximately 40 HHC pediatric patients throughout the day. The Mobile Eye Clinic will be equipped with two examination rooms and two pediatric optometrists that will provide comprehensive eye exams to our patients, and prescriptions for eye glasses if needed. Once the patient receives the prescription, they can order their eye glasses from the Holyoke Health Center Eye Care Clinic, and can return to HHC for their follow-up eye care needs.

According to Jay Breines, CEO of Holyoke Health Center, "Children in Holyoke have an exceptionally difficult time accessing vision treatment after they've been identified with a problem. It is recognized that 15-20% of children fail their vision test, and 10-20% of those children will not get follow up care they need such as prescriptions and eye glasses." The goal of our partnership with NECO and their Mobile Eye Clinic is to provide our pediatric patients who we've identified as failing a vision screening with comprehensive eye examinations that will result in a prescription for eye glasses if needed. Those who need follow up services will be able to receive care from our Holyoke Health Center Eye Care Clinic. 

One of the benefits built into the Affordable Care Act was new funding for community health centers to expand vision services. The need for this expansion was demonstrated by the fact that 9000 health center offices operated by the 1200 health center organizations only employed 134 optometrists for on-site, full time comprehensive vision services. Vision problems among the pediatric population are often undiagnosed and untreated, and low-income patients of the health centers were clearly at risk, and ACA funding was aimed at providing a way to focus more resources on the probable problems of those patients. The partnership between HHC and NECO is a further effort to make sure those needs are met in the Holyoke area.


To learn more about the New England College of Optometry, and the Mobile Eye Clinic, please visit www.necoeyecare.org